Investment activities

Investment activity of Concern "Techmash" aimed at upgrading, modernization, conversion of production capacities, the development and introduction of new technologies.

The main goals and objectives of the investment of the Group and the Group companies:
  • ensuring compliance with the state arms program, federal targeted programs, other government programs;
  • provision of technical re-equipment, reconstruction and modernization of production in order to ensure the production of high-tech, industrial products, the introduction of new production technology, improve production efficiency, reduce energy costs and improve productivity;
  • ensuring the creation of new high-tech industries, industrial products;
  • ensuring the development of new products, the implementation of projects for the implementation of research and development activities;
  • software innovation and competitiveness of introduced technologies;
  • provision of investment attractiveness of the assets of the Group and the Group companies.
To achieve the goals and objectives with limited financial resources investment activities shall be based on the following strategic priorities:

1. State significance. The investment program includes projects that corresponds to:
  • state policy in the field of development of the industry of munitions and special chemicals;
  • state policy in the field of science and technology;
  • State Innovation Strategy of the Russian Federation;
  • development of strategically important for the state assets.
2. Cost-effectiveness of the project. When making decisions on the implementation of investment priority is given to projects that provide the best investment of the Group and the Group companies.

3. High technology, innovation of products and production organization. During the formation of the Group's investment program projects are analyzed for their focus on:
  • production of high-tech and innovative industrial products;
  • introduction of new production technologies that enhance production efficiency, reduce energy costs and increase productivity.
4. The social significance of the project. When making decisions on investments and selection of investment projects, as well as the determination of sites for projects that address the social aspects of the opportunities that arise as a result of their implementation to create new jobs, staff development, the development of core enterprises, etc.

To achieve the objectives of investment activities developed an investment program of the Company.

Investment program

Investment program

The investment program of JSC "SPC" Techmash "(hereinafter - the Group) is formed in accordance with the investment procedures of the State Corporation" Rostec. " 

The investment program of the Company are consolidated investment program, which includes investment projects of the Group and the Group companies, prepared in accordance with the investment procedures of the State Corporation "Rostec", and is a set of investment projects. 

The composition of the Group Investment Program includes investment projects implemented Concern organizations at the time of formation of the investment program, as well as investment projects planned for implementation during the three years following the year of formation of the investment program. 

Investment projects are implemented by 35 industrial sites located in 12 regions of Russia. 

The investment program includes investment projects after appropriate examination and evaluation of the feasibility of the concern. 

The investment program of the Group formed after analysis profile subdivisions of the State Corporation "Rostec" considered at the Commission on Investment, innovation and modernization of the Corporation and approved by the Board of the State Corporation "Rostec." 

The main volume of investment spending is focused on the financing of investment projects in the framework of the federal target programs (FTP), and aimed at modernization, reconstruction and modernization of production, development of new products, research and development. 

Concern is helping to promote the products in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as to raise the necessary funds to finance investment projects of the organization Concern. 

During the execution of the investment program of the organization will achieve the objective of the Group:  
  • development of existing production;
  • for the implementation of technological equipment, resource-saving and energy-saving technologies;
  • for the implementation of the industrial base and critical technologies in the software-date scientific, technical and production capabilities;
  • to equip the production of modern instrumentation;
  • the creation of new industries in the framework of the existing ones;
  • the creation of new activities;
  • to diversify production;
  • for the restructuring of production facilities;
  • to develop new models of military, civil or dual-use performance of the research and development work.
The investment program of JSC "SPC" Techmash "will allow for modernization and re-production, to ensure fulfillment of the state defense order, contracts under federal programs, programs of military-technical cooperation.

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