Help in choosing a profession

Choosing a profession - it is a responsible and important decision that affects not only the future success, but also to obtain satisfaction from the work that is involved, the possibility of self-realization. Prestige and profitability of the profession can not be the only criteria when it is selected. The work should be interesting and bring joy. In the joint-stock company "Scientific-Production Concern" Mechanical Engineering "will help you navigate the professions, in accordance with your character and personal kachestvamiotsenit your strengths and weaknesses.   

Here you can learn more about themselves and their abilities to analyze, to find the right path to your career and realize your abilities.   

Concern unites workers:
  • support the goals and values ​​of Concern
  • focus on results
  • honesty and responsibility
  • business acumen and professionalism.

It should be noted that the specialists of Concern constantly improve their skills and their professional skills. To solve the problem on short supply function directly on the basis of production facilities of enterprises are trained professionals. To this end, developed training and retraining programs with the involvement of highly qualified specialists enterprises. For young professionals attached mentors to transmit their experience and skills.   

The current system of certification established by the company, allows you to monitor the career development professionals, stimulates to improve their skills and schedules.   

Concern enterprises actively cooperate with universities, colleges and vocational schools. Each year, the enterprises have practice students of these institutions.