22 Feb

Concern "Techmash" present at IDEX 2015 unique designs

Concern "Techmash" present at IDEX 2015 unique designs

Within the framework of the 12th International Conference and Exhibition of the defense industry IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi (UAE) Concern "Techmash" will present a wide range of military products, including several unique designs that have no analogues. The exhibition will be attended by NGOs "alloy", NGO "Device", NGO "Basalt" and them - the head developer of ammunition belonging to the group.

For example, the NGO "alloy" will present 80-mm unguided rocket (NAR) C-8OFP, which is highly effective and universal means of ground attack aircraft from carriers. Missile capable of hitting unsheltered single and group goals, objects in fortifications and in forests, lightly armored and soft-skinned vehicles. It is the most widespread aircraft missile ammunition. This contributes to their high efficiency and reliability, ease of use, relatively inexpensive and at the lowest cost to destroy the specified goals. In the development of the latest generation of NAR and modernization of existing models were used advanced technologies that do not have analogues in the world.

Antitank rocket grenade RPG-28 multipurpose grenade and rocket RMG with disposable rocket launchers produced by the NGO "Basalt" striking modern tanks and lightly armored vehicles, provide breaks in the walls of buildings, obstacles and shelters.

Also on exhibition will be presented and the other most popular models on the market weapons.

"The peculiarity of Concern "Techmash" is to implement a complete closed-loop design and manufacture of ammunition, their elements and components of the product. Concern unites Russia's main brands of ammunition. Scientific - design and manufacturing school Concern allow holding work relatively independently of external circumstances - said Deputy General Director of "TECHMASH" Dmitry Rytenkov - We expect that the exhibition will further strengthen business relations with foreign partners in military-technical cooperation. "

Concern "Techmash" present at IDEX 2015 unique design (PDF)