12 Jan

Means of self-defense "Antidog" protect against aggression

Means of self-defense "Antidog" protect against aggression

Begin sale fundamentally new for the Russian market of pyrotechnic articles for protection from aggression "Antidog" developed and produced NIIPH included in the Group "Tehmash".

"The goal was to create a device which can be realized by the use of svetozvuka, but to be in a free market. Following this logic, and was created Antidog" - said the head of the foreign trade, marketing and sales of civilian products and pyrotechnics Research Institute of Applied Chemistry Artem Muranov.

New Development Research Institute of Applied Chemistry is a starter activating the light and sound elements placed in a removable cartridge. Each cartridge contains 3 elements. The tests, including to repel aggression stray animals showed the highest efficiency Antidoga.

Triggering device initiates an impact on the aggressor factors arising during the initiation of similar Sounder grenades and gunfire used by special units. Powerful sound effects retains its properties even in high noise level of the urban environment. Sound pressure level at 1 m distance is 135 dB, the intensity of about 2 million. Candelas.

With its compact dimensions Antidoga and low weight, this device fits easily in your pocket, as well as in small bags.

Ease of use of the product "Antidog" does not require special skills. Its possible acquisition by persons older than 18 years. A special permit is required. The basic idea of ​​this device is that the exposure to light and sound factor is highly efficient in self-defense against animals. Prior to this svetozvuk was only available in products for special purposes, and in a complex OCA, but for the acquisition UGLI need a license, which excludes its mass distribution.

Means of self-defense "Antidog" protect against aggression (PDF)