23 Jan

Plant M.I.Kalinin moved from the center of St. Petersburg

Plant M.I.Kalinin moved from the center of St. Petersburg

"Plant them M.I.Kalinin", included in the Group" Tehmash" State Corporation Rostec for compact placement of production capacity to move production from the center of St. Petersburg suburb. Conclusion of the plant from the city center will minimize the risks of explosive production and improve the environment of the second capital of Russia.

Currently, the plant them M.I.Kalinin employs 650 people. The company's management intends to retain highly qualified staff, the majority of employees will continue to work after the relocation of workshops held. This issue was dedicated on January 23, an extended meeting with the participation of representatives of labor and trade union organization.

"The company is in a difficult financial and economic position already at the time of the transition to the state corporation. It has developed a negative practice repay the debt within the consolidated enforcement proceedings. Our intervention has allowed for timely save property complex production facilities, as well as to receive state subsidies for the further development of the plant - reported CEO of Concern "Techmash" Sergey Rusakov during the visit of Director General Rostec Chemezov to the plant. - We will, where possible, to preserve jobs for employees of the company, in part by moving them into our local structural units."

Leaders of SC Rostec will assist in translating and employment released during the reorganization. Staff is planned to provide new jobs that match their skills to other enterprises St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region, as included in the structural units Rostec and others. For this representation Rostec in St. Petersburg, organized work in the direction of local authorities, as well as the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Northwestern Federal District.

Released in the city center area will be implemented in accordance with established procedures and legislation that will make it possible to repay the created accounts payable to perform a number of investment projects, and the proceeds will go to the development of plant subjects. 

By transferring the oldest Russian defense and engineering enterprise "Plant them M.I.Kalinin", said in 2014 its 145th anniversary, the staff and management of the city reacted with understanding. Adopted in the State Corporation Rostec and Concern "Techmash" solution consistent with the policy of social responsibility and a positive impact on social and environmental acceptability of defense industries.