15 Jan

POZIS: results of 2014

POZIS: results of 2014

JSC "POZIS" (POZIS), vhodyaschnn in SPC "Techmash" completed in 2014 with positive indicators.

Despite the difficult situation in the financial and economic sphere of the country, the company reaches the level of output of more than 5 billion rubles. The growth rate to the level of the year 2013 is 103.4%.

The level of sales also exceeded the 2013 figures by almost 12%. In particular, the expected level of implementation of household refrigeration equipment amounted to 103.5%. 5.2% increase production tool and machine-building products for external contracts, made possible by the development of the engineering sphere, based on the maximum approximation to the world level.

Demonstrate a significant increase in export performance of household refrigeration, medical equipment and commercial equipment - more than 30% and the volume of shipments and sales. 

Of the significant events in 2014 should mark the launch of a new line of POZIS fundamentally refrigerators function Full no frost, as well as the completion of the transfer of refrigeration production in environmentally friendly, "green" technology. This large-scale project was implemented with the support of the Civil Rostec and, importantly, thanks to the professionalism of the enterprise - designers, engineers, workers - which are based on youth.

Recall the project to develop the production of competitive POZIS refrigeration equipment based on energy-efficient and environmentally friendly technologies, the cost of 474.1 million. Rubles, carried out in collaboration with a specialized agency of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO, Eng. UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization) . He aims to create environmentally friendly, resource-saving technologies and equipment that meets the basic requirements of modern refrigeration. Currently the project is in the stage of trial operation.

POZIS continues to show steady growth of production and economic indicators. This is due to a long tradition of research and production and human resources, as well as to constantly increase the production base of the company. These conditions allow us to confidently develop and build large-scale forward with the development of the diversification program.

POZIS: results of 2014 (PDF)