16 Feb

The concern "Techmash" held a meeting on the state defense order

The concern "Techmash" held a meeting on the state defense order

Concern "Techmash" Rostec State Corporation held a meeting with the directors of the leading enterprises of the control loop. The leaders discussed the major challenges, problems and plans related to one of the main area of ​​work - ensuring the state defense order.

"Concern is doing everything possible to maintain prices within the framework of the state defense order," - said General Director Sergey Rusakov. According to S. Rusakov Today the Company has formed a plan supplies, testing and field supervision for 2015

So early preparation of plans already yielded results - on a number of holding companies in order to avoid disruption of the state defense order execution established insurance stocks of basic materials and components. It is actually possible to fix the prices for 2015 This is a supply of modern products. Performed by specialists holding the event on the formulation of the production of a number of new products. About 40% of the samples in the structure of the supply of ammunition for the state defense order made samples of ammunition, developed in recent years. 

"Despite the economic situation, will ensure completion of all projects related to the creation of new industries and new generation products," - said the CEO of the holding. According S.Rusakova to the priorities of the Group include increasing investment, technological re-equipment, replacement of equipment, modernization of engineering infrastructure, creation of new automated readjusted unmanned production because it is the totality of all these factors should ensure the further development of the holding, as a stable segment of Russian machine-building complex .

"However, despite the difficult economic situation and rising prices for materials and components manufactured by third-party companies, you must maintain strict control over the quality of products and timely deliveries for cooperation" - added S. Rusakov.   

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