Goals and objectives


Provision of military-technical policy of the state on the basis of the development of basic technologies for creating basic military ammunition of different purposes and implementation of an effective system of serial supply of ammunition to be able to conduct combat operations in the framework of various types of conflicts.


  • development and production of the main products for equipping the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with modern types of armament and military equipment;
  • restructuring and technological modernization to ensure that the scientific, technological and industrial base industrial complex future needs of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and military-technical cooperation;
  • maintenance and improvement of the required set of basic technologies for military and technological independence of the country to conduct the entire production cycle of the main body of ammunition;
  • increase the level of diversification of organizations holding company and expand its presence in the market of civilian products;
  • enhance the core competitiveness of products on the global and domestic markets;
  • improving the competitiveness and investment attractiveness of the holding company.