Among their products SELF-lamp used to refer to light Lifebuoy on the water surface in the dark. It is used on surface of sea and river vessels of all types and classes. Fire is tied to the circle of Lin and secured close to the circle on the ship with the help of the bracket. Smoke floating bombs intended for use during daylight hours on the water surface. They provide effective marking position during sea rescue operations as well as indicate the direction of the wind by means of a dense orange smoke for at least 3 minutes. Checkers are included in the mandatory list of signaling means for equipping life rafts and boats. Flare red and white fire (FC and FB) - a manual pyrotechnic device designed to emit a light signal of distress, both at night and in the daytime. Included in the list of mandatory equipment for the signaling means of sea and river vessels, laying in life rafts and boats. Also, Murom Instrument-Making Plant produces a wide range of products means of initiation for fire fighting NER them VIChapaev anti-hail rockets "Alazan" from the family of anti-hail rockets caliber 82 mm, which are designed to protect agricultural land from hail clouds.