May 9, 1945 in Moscow sky lit up the long-awaited Victory Salute, products for which were manufactured by Institute of Applied Chemistry, while the named special pilot plant №862. Since none of the Victory Day celebration is complete without fireworks pyrotechnics main developer in the country of "SPC" Institute of Applied Chemistry ", included in the Group. In addition to a wide variety of fireworks from 45 to 310 caliber, the Institute develops desktop and concert sparkling fountains, small rockets and fireworks, rising sparkling dynamic igrushki- "butterfly" safe sound firecrackers, fiery wheels, Bengal candles, firecrackers, and simulation products for paintball and airsoft. A new direction - a pyrotechnics for military and historical reconstructions. Simulation fireworks designed to simulate the sound effect shot from a gun, guns, exploding shells, mines, etc. Products intended for use outdoors on military-historical celebrations, accompanied by elements of reconstruction episodes of hostilities.