Tula JSC "NPO" alloy ", known for its advanced defense installations, has developed unparalleled in the world of medical complex, the so-called robot nurse. The joint project of the alloy and the MSU under the working title "ANGEL" included in the program of innovative development of the enterprise and is implemented with the support of Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. It combines both diagnostics and drug administration with the possibility of an expert decision support in the diagnosis, treatment and appointment management of patients in emergency situations.

Work on the complex is aimed at creating an automated system of diagnosis and treatment of man, which will optimize the quality of care in a lack or absence of highly qualified medical staff. The complex will be indispensable in the case of man-made disasters, emergencies, and under intensive care and transportation of patients, if necessary, monitoring of patients. The complex will allow for automatic diagnosis and monitoring of patients 24 hours a day with the possibility of an emergency alert medical staff intervention is required. Developed as part of a unique complex decision support system in the appointment of treatment will reduce the frequency of medical errors.

MEDICAL COMPLEX tactile endosurgical (MTEK)

NGO "alloy" to establish serial production MTEK, unique in the world does not exist - the instrument for assessing the state of biological tissue during the operation. Tactile diagnosis or diagnosis of tactile sensations - such terms can be described a new trend in medicine, which began with the creation of MTEK. "Electronic finger", "extension of the hand surgeon", "instrumental palpation" - such definitions can be described this device. The immediate objective of the implementation of the complex project was the creation of complex, able to perceive, analyze mathematically, remember, share and play touch. MTEK allows you to "feel" the living tissues to detect pathologies of various kinds. This is especially true during endoscopic surgery because the surgeon's hand can not get inside the body for classical palpation because incision is made just under the introduction of tools and is 1-2 cm.

Thus MTEK allows diagnose biological tissue on its response to external stimuli (touch) and get some tangible information that is digitized, transmitted to visualize and analyze your computer and can be further saved, reproduced and transmitted over distances in the form of tactile sensations on hand medical experts by using the MTEK - tactile translator.

Medical laser devices of the series "Luzon"

Devices developed by JSC "NPO" instrument "within the Group, are intended for the treatment of various pathologies by the power of the laser radiation. The device can perform operations for dissection and removal of soft tissue and stop bleeding in general, cosmetic, ENT, laparoscopic, endoscopic, arthroscopic surgery and other areas. The device allows to reduce the operational and post-operative pain, significantly reduce the loss of blood, which allows the surgeon to work on virtually dry operating field, minimally invasive laparoscopic and perform endoscopic surgery with flexible fiber instrument, as well as reduce the risk of infections, including graft.


A new direction for the company POZIS, a member of the Group "Tehmash" is the production of bactericidal irradiator-recirculator. It is unique in that in its construction, it has ultraviolet germicidal lamp, capable of destroying all 99.9% bacteria. In this case, air disinfection technology is absolutely safe for people present in the room. In accordance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological rules, recyclers POZIS equipped with many medical-prophylactic institutions of Russia and the CIS, beauty salons, preschools and schools. For home use Pozis compact model produces Bio, which will protect you and your loved ones during epidemics of influenza and SARS prevention and provide all kinds of diseases.